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Bishoy’s Gyms are open 24/7 and each include more than sixty pieces of machinery, extensive free weights, and state of the art cardio equipment.


Photography: John Mitchell



Meet Bishoy Hanna of Bishoy’s Gym in West Los Angeles!

Bishoy was born and raised in Egypt. As both the son and grandson of Egyptian Air Force members, he was encouraged to pursue sports from a very young age. Bishoy grew up doing just that – he’s enjoyed wrestling, soccer, pool, ping pong, ocean swimming and, his life pursuit, body building. He was given weights at the age of four and quickly entered into the body building competing scene. Most hours of his young life were spent either in a gym or on a sports field.

After winning the Natural Olympia in Las Vegas in 2005, Bishoy worked as a personal trainer both in New York City and Los Angeles. He is a professional, natural body builder who has many accolades, including having both won and participated in head judge for the Venice Beach Muscle Beach Bikini & Fitness Competitions many times throughout the years. He has also won the Mr. Natural Universe and Muscle Beach Champion titles. However, he soon learned that large gyms are more money driven than customer focused. He was bothered by how little he was able to help people reach their fitness goals in this “cookie cutter” environment. His mother had always taught him to treat others with kindness, respect and sincerity.

Bishoy set out to create a gym that more closely aligned with the principles he’d been raised by, placing a focus on the individual goals of his members. Initially training clients at this apartment, he quickly transitioned to a space on Melrose​ Avenue in 2009. Eventually this endeavor was profitable enough to allow Bishoy to open a new gym location on Robertson Boulevard and eventually a second location on Pico Boulevard. Beginning as spaces solely for one-on-one training, the Bishoy’s Gym locations now allow general members for individual target training. Bishoy also hires outside trainers.

Bishoy’s Gym’s key differentiator is the superior quality of his machines. According to Bishoy, “My machines are custom-made for me and are the best machines in the world". Bishoy encourages anyone working toward their fitness goals to visit the gym. “We welcome all levels and all ages. We want clients to feel motivated the moment they walk into my gym and feel the energy we create here…no matter what sport or hobby our clients are pursuing; they’re going to improve using my methods.”

Bishoy has watched many workout fads come in and out of the spotlight and wants to stress the importance of safety: “What’s happening in sports today is lifting without thinking about the proper form. People want an easy fix. They want enhancements without putting in effort and often risk injuries or sickness as a result.” Bishoy’s mission includes longevity as well as optimal fitness.

Bishoy intently watches over his members, making sure they’re using proper form as they work toward their goals. For those interested in joining, Bishoy spends time getting to know their fitness goals and shows them around so that they are familiar with his space. His membership agreements are month-to-month, unlike the annual memberships of most national chains. Says Bishoy, “We only want people who WANT to be a part of what we’re doing.”





"answered all my questions and even took about an hour to show me how to use each and every one of the machines!!!! That was before I even signed up!"

Natlie B.

April 14, 2016

"Everything is very clean and the price is affordable as well. This place simply makes you want to work out every day"

Kay H.

January 17, 2016

"Low rates and open 24 hours. Friendly clientele and never too crowded. Stands out compared to all the other "chain" gyms"

Edward S.

November 8, 2015


OPEN 24/7

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